Fanø is much more than swimming and relaxing at the beach

The beach itself is a huge activity area. we have some of the conditions in Europe for beach cruising with blokarts and kite-buggy, landboarding, kite- and windsurf or kiteflying. 

Biking is the way to get around on Fanø, it is easy and fast along the many bicycle roads.

Of course it is not all sports. A walk in the forest, looking for amber, paly minigolf or a hike to the big sandbank with the seals are activities, that everybody can participate in.

No holiday without. local food shops, craftsmen supermarkets and clothing stores. Fanø has almost everything you can think of.


Shopping on Fanø

Fanø has a lot to offer in shopping. most shops are situated in Nordby, but Sønderho, Fanø Bad and Rindby also have good shopping.

Tours & activities with a guide

Most visitors choose to take part of some of the guided tours and activities Fanø has to offer. Then you get both the story and get to places that you would likely not find yourself. For some of the tours it also give the security of having a local guide, that knows all about Tide and weather conditions.

Fanø for children

Fanø is a great holiday destination for families with children. We make room for the children and the accommodation, whether a summer cottage or a campsite, is well suited for children 

The Beach, the Seals, the Forest Playground, Club Fanø Activity Programme....

Beach cruising is fun sports. Fanø is one of the best destinations in Europa for beach crusing. On the beach south of Rindby you can get the adrenalin pumping riding Blokart or Kite-Buggy. 

Kite Buggy is for the expert, Blokart is for everybody.

Fanø - also for disabled

Fanø is also for disabled and people in a wheelchair.


Fanø International Kite Fliers Meeting

If you come to Fanø in mid-June, you will experience something extraordinary. On the large beach on the west side, the kites have taken the beach. Many thousands of kites fill the sky with spectacular views. 

The Day of the Traditional Windmill

In the thrid sunday in Juni, The Sønderho Mill forms part of the Danish Windmill day. the wings are turning, and the miller will make flour, that you can buy.

Fanø Minitræf

Come and have a look at Fanø Mini Meeting of all kinds of Citroën cars. People from all Denmark, Germany and other Nordic countries, will come in a lot of different Citroën`s, though the years.

Saturday the 22.  June 2019 at 10:30 in Sønderho.

Sønderho Day

On the third Sunday in July the traditional Sønderjo Fair is held. See all the wonderful traditional costumes, the music and dance.

Fanø Golf Weeks

Recommended Partners

Club Fanø

Club Fanø is the largest provider of activities on Fanø, all year round. Here you can learn to ride the Blokart. Blokart is one the most exciting things to do on Fanø Beach. There is nothing like cruising on the Beach with your family and friends. Here you can play Bubble Ball, go on a Seal Safari, pick oyster and other activities in nature

Fri BikeShop Fanø - Bike rental

Fri Bikeshop Fanø offers a large range of bikes and accessories to hire.

Pirat Minigolf

Do you want mini golf that you have never tried before ?! Young or old, as a couple or in a group - if you want an unusual experience, then "Pirat Minigolf" in Rindby is the right choice. 18 challenging and special courses with artificial turf await you. Experience a unique mini golf adventure with pirates and play miniature golf on our fun tracks

Fanø Bad Tennis

Tennis are hired out from the café“Pelargoniehuset”, where you can also enjoy cold and hot beverages, light meals – or sweets

Fanø Golf Links

Denmarks oldest golf course is located in Fanø! A challenging course (18 holes) with a striking resemblance to many of the famous classical Scottish courses.

Fanø Bad Minigolf

New 18-hole mini-golf course near Café Pelargoniehuset and the clubhouse 
at the centre of Fanø Vesterhavsbad.