Guided Excursions & Activities

Fanø is brimming with exciting activities - on your own or with a local guide.

You can do at lot of things on your own. We have a net of bike and walking paths and routes, so it is easy to get around and visit the different places and attractions.

You can also choose to participate in the guided tours and activities, that we offer. Then you get the good story and go to places you would otherwise miss. For some of the excursions you also get the security it gives to be with a local guide, who knows the area.

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Club Fanø Sælsafari

Club Fanø Seal Safari, the main attraction on Fanø. A Wadden Sea hike to the Seal Bank is one of the most exciting things to do on Fanø. The Sand Bank southwest of Sønderho is the best spot in the National Park to see both the harbor seal and the grey seal.

Fanø i Atlantvolden 

Fanø was an important part of the "Atlantic Wall" built by the Germans from northern Norway to southern France during WWII.

Other Activities

Blokart is one the most exciting things to do on Fanø Beach. There is nothing like cruising on the Beach with your family and friends.Blokart is more or less a boat on wheels. You get the same excitement, but it takes less than 10 minutes for our instructor to teach you how to handle the Blokart.

You can find a lot of “treasures” in the forest, that we can use to create nice and useful objects. Only out imagination set the limit for what we can create with nature’s materials. We start with a treasure hunt in the nature, where we search “treasures”, which we later combine with paper and glasses to make postcards, bookmarks, vases…

Bubble Ball Soccer has become a big hit all over the world. Not familiar with the sport? Think regular soccer played inside giant, protective, bouncing bubble suits. Fun for all ages, players run, jump, flip, bounce, and bump into each other in a wild attempt to score goals.

There is nothing liking flying a kite, that you have made yourself. At Club Fanø we make a type of kite that everybody can make. We make a simple kite, that flies well and is easy to handle. It is mainly about decorating the kite. When you have finished decorating the kite, the staff will help you attach sticks, lines and handle.

Make your own candles. for children and adults.

Club Fanø One-Wheelers

One-wheelers are a huge hit all over the world. It is basically an electric skateboard, that can take on trips everywhere. In the cities, in the bicycle paths and in the nature. It suits very well for Fanø, where we use the huge beach. 

You can find many things on the beach and in the nature that we can use as raw materials in our creative workshop. Only the imagination set limits on what we can make of nature's own materials. We can use pinecones to make owls and angel, and conch shells to make mice. 

Would you like to try surf, but are not sure if windsurf, kitesurf or the original surf is a bit too complicated for a start? Then Skimboarding could be the answer. Skimboards are used at the waters edge on flat water.