Wedding on Fano

While you are on holiday on Fanoe - why not marry here?

Fanoe is known as one of the most romantic places in Denmark - and this is absolutely true. The beach, the beautiful old houses in Nordby and Sønderho and the relaxing atmosphäre. All this makes Fanoe a perfect place for a wedding.

You can choose to get married in the City Hall, the church, on the beach - or maybe you have your very special favourite spot here on Fanoe. It is all possible.

The settings to make your wedding day a very special one are perfect here on Fanoe. You can stay in one of the old and very idyllic inns, or in one of the small and cosy B & B. We have good restaurants. You can rent a banqueting room. Or you can hold a reception in nature. 

There are plenty of possibilities.


Marriage on Fanoe for Non-Danes

Many people from countries outside Denmark choose to marry on Fanoe.

For foreigners not living in Denmark, the Danish authorities need various documents.

To assist with both the planning of the wedding and to help getting the necessary documents approved at Fanø Kommune (Fanoe Municipality) most people contact a wedding agency.

'Wedding Island" is a local wedding agency that can assist you making your wedding on Fanoe come true.