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Most people book their Fanoe holidays on their own. They contact the holiday providers and the tour organizers directly. It is not possible to make a reservation for the ferry (FanøFærgen).

Visit Fanø Booking makes it even easier. You get a quick overview of various possibilities and availability, and then make your own package. Visit Fanø booking is a co-operation between Visit Fanø, Nordic Travel og Færgen A/S. Nordic Travel is the operator and member of the Danish travel Guarantee Fund.

Not all acommodation sites are listed on Visit Fanø Booking. The Holiday House Rental companies  have normally their own online booking systems. Regarding private accommodation goes, you should normally contact them directly. Read more under Accommodation.

Renting a Summer House

Holiday in a summer house, that is a typical holiday in Denmark and on Fanø. The houses are situated in the dune landscape along the cost.

On Fanø we have almost 3.000 summer houses approx. 1.500 are rented, so the options are big. 

For more information and booking of summer house - go directly to the booking system of our partners. beware that some of them do not have en english version.