Book Holiday and Tours

Most people book their Fanoe holiday on their own. They contact the holiday place and the tour organizers directly. It is not possible to make a reservation for the ferry (FanøFærgen).

In our Holdiday Guide below you get an overview of all the many possibilites and exactly where they are located on Fanoe.

At Kultunaut  you get an overview of all the events and tours going on on Fanoe. 

In cooperation with Færgen A/S (the company that is responsible for the ferry between Esbjerg and Fanoe) and the travel agency Nordic Travel we have made it still more easy to plan and order your holiday on Fanoe. 

At Dansk Ø Ferie you can book your accomodation on the spot, you can book tours, you can make your own "holiday package" or you can buy fully complete packages.