Fanoe is holiday at the north sea, wide sandy beaches and great nature experiences.

Fanoe is holiday destination for families with children, for nature lovers, for people enjoying life and for the active sportsmen.

Fanoe is culture- with galleries, festivals and art museum, as well as the historical villages Nordby and Sønderho.

Fanoe is the northernmost island in the Wadden Sea and part of the Wadden Sea National Park, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage list. 

There will be extra busses from the ferry in Nordby to Fanø Bad / Rindby and return June 21st to June 23rd in connection with the Kite Festival 

You will find the schedule here



Fanø's main attractions is our beach.

The 15 km long and in places more than 1 km wide, sandy beach leaves room for everybody.

Search for amber, wind- and kitesurf, Blokart, swim or enjoy the birdlife. you can do it all on Fanø.


The sea around Fanø is the habitat of big populations of grey and spotted seals.

In the summer more than 500 seals rests on the sandbank southwest of Fanø.


Voted as the most beautiful village in Denmark, Sønderho is the essence of danish "hygge".

The old houses and the maritime history is the perfect setting for a holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Fanø by Bike

The bike is the best way to see and experience Fanø.

Short distances and a well developed net of bicycle roads and routes makes Fanø the ideal destination for biking.


Fanø Diary

Photo exhibition, that shows everyday life on fanø in the 19th Century in a new and exciting way. 

What's on

The Monthly Event Calender for Fanø

Information on activities, excursions, concerts, exhibtions and much more.

See and download "What's on" here or get the printed version at Fanø Tourist Office.  

Visitfanø Booking

This is where you book excursions, accommodation and travel packages.



The Waddensea National Park

Fanø is the northernmost Island in the Waddensea and a part of the National Park, that is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.


Fanø is one the gourmet spots on the Danish West Coast. Several Gourmet restaurants specialises in local food.  


4 modern Supermarkets, shops and not least a lot of artisans makes shopping on Fanø exciting.


Fanø Guide (Italian) 

Fanø Guide (Spanish) 

Fanø Guide (Dutch) 

Fanø Guide (Greek) 

Fanø Guide (French)

Ferry to Fanø

It is only a 12 minute trip with the ferry between The two car ferries Menja and Fenja leaves every 20 minutes.

Fanø Guide 2019

The official Tourist Guide from Fanø.
Essencial for your holiday on Fanø with articles, Tidal Calender and adverts from local companies..