Welcome to Fanoe

Fanoe is holiday at the north sea, wide sandy beaches and great nature experiences.

Fanoe, is holiday for families with children, for nature lovers, for people enjoying life and for the active sportsman.

Fanoe, is culture with galleries, festivals and art museum, and the historical villages Nordby and Sønderho.

Fanoe, is the northernmost island in the Wadden Sea and part of the Wadden Sea National Park, which is on  the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Spring on Fanoe

Nature awakens. Great for a walk on the beach or to the sealbank. An ice cream or a hot chocolate.

Or maybe you find some amber?

Family Holiday

Fanø is an ideal spot for a family holiday.

A wonderful and huge beach, The Forest Playground, short distances on bicycle on bicycle paths, summer cottages with a lot space indoors and outdoors.