Practical Information

The Health Center on Fanoe is modern. If you need to be hospitalized in Esbjerg, we have an ambulance on Fanoe and the ferry will wait for the ambulance from Fanoe, so the patient can be transferred quicly to Esbjerg. 

Dogs and other pets are welcome on Fanoe. Please remember dogs must be on a leash. Close to Pælebjerg there is a very fine "dog wood", where your dog is allowed to run loose. We have a veterinary on Fanoe. 

Criminality is almost non-excisting here on Fanoe. If you, however, need to contact the police, there is an police office at Fanø Rådhus (Town Hall), Skolevej 5-7 in Nordby.

Below please find contact information for some of the private companies within service and crafts and useful tips for your stay on Fanoe.




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