Five tips to good neighborly relations with deer, fallow deer and red deer.


On Fanoe we have many free-living deer, fallow deer and red deer – in short deer. It is a great experience to see them and these types of wild-life has for many years become accustomed to human activity. Therefore, it is quite common to meet them in certain parts of the city and in holiday areas - especially after dark or in the morning. Local and cottage residents should therefore know how to consider these animals.


Do not put food out for the deer.

Nature offers plenty of food for the deer, and they have no need for anything other than what they can find. Feeding also makes the animals reliant on humans, resulting in abnormal behavior and it makes them vulnerable when feeding stops. Deer are ruminants and need fresh coarse feed, rich in plant fibers. Feeding them energy-rich and easily digestible feed such as bread or grain, often causes diarrhea and at worst a long and painful death due to damage to the intestines.

Drive at low speed - especially after dark.

Deer is most active at dusk and at night. Therefore, you should as a driver take great care to avoid collisions - especially when driving through Fanoe Plantation. Please also remember that red deer always travel in small herds. This means that if one red deer is crossing the road often more will follow right behind.


Make your cottage garden wildlife friendly.

Remove obstacles and offer fresh natural food. Wire fencing should be removed so that the animals do not risk getting cought. Keep the grass shorter than about 10 cm, since the fresh shoots offers most nutrients. Heather and other dwarf shrubs should be cut in the early spring, so the height of the plants does not exceed 30 cm. This will make heather plants set new and nutritious shoots, which is the main natural winter food of deer.


Last but not least. If you find a sick animal or one hit by a car please contact

Our local forester Kim Jensen on tel: 21 41 86 01 or

Our local Scenthound handler Henrik Skovgaard on telephone: 29 25 62 32 or

Animal Protection on 1812 (You can also download an APP)

We thank you for considering our local deer and wish you good adventures in the wonderful nature on Fanø.