Food and Drinks on Fanoe

World heritage commits to excellence. This also means food. On Fanoe, we focus on quality and the use of local products.

Fanoe has a uniqe nature and is surrounded by the sea. This makes it possible for us to create culinary experiences.

Fish from the Northsea is a significant part of the menu in many restaurants. Cod, plaice, mullet and salmon are some of the fish that are often offered.

There is very little farmland on Fanoe; most of the island is nature area. Still there are producers of high quality food and drinks. They produce beer, lamb, beef, smoked hams and saugages, smoked salmon, heather honey, marmelades - just to mention some.

The restaurants very often use the local products in their kitchens. The New Nordic Kitchen has become very  successfull internationally; you also find the influence on Fanoe. We have some restaurants of high gourmet experiences.

For those looking for something more simple, there are also plenty of possibilities.

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