Beach, nature and more

15 km unbroken beach from Fanoe Bad to Sønderho is the main attraction of Fanoe.

In summer, there are bathing, kite flying, beach sailing, cycling and much more. In winter, there are hiking, hunting amber, surf and beach sailing.

Fanoe has been a shipping island for centuries. The houses in Sønderho and Nordby, museums and the popular traditions tell the fascinating story about the time Fanoe was a great power, when the great sailing ships ruled the seas.

Fanoe is an island with plenty of space to relax. As soon as you get on board the ferry for the short sailing trip you can feel.

Nonetheless, Fanoe is also an island with plenty of activity. More 25 festivals and larger events, hundreds of guided tours, and of course city life in both Nordby and Sønderho. There is a lot to experience.