The wide and sandy beach to the west, the Wadden Sea to the east. 

The majority of Fanø is pure nature. The island is situated right in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park, which is also UNESCO Nature World Heritage.

The wadden sea is one of the most important locations for birds, especially migrating birds in Spring and Autumn.

Fanø is the habitat for approx. 1.000 seals. In the forest, on the heath and even in the villages you meet deer, fallow deer and even red deer.

Experience the landscapes and wildlife on bicycle. The island is criss crossed with small roads and paths ideal for bicycles.

The Wadden Sea

Cultural Attractions and Activities

Fanoe has been a maritime island for centuries. The houses in Sønderho and Nordby, museums and the popular traditions tell the fascinating story about the era when the great sailing ships ruled the seas. Many of these came from Fanø. 

Fanø is an island with plenty of space to relax. As soon as you get on board the ferry for the short sailing trip you can feel.

Nonetheless, Fanoe is also an island with plenty of activity. More 25 festivals and larger events, hundreds of guided tours, and of course city life in both Nordby and Sønderho. There is a lot to experience.