Fanoe for the active

Fanoe is much more than just lazing at the beach. There are lot of experiences for the active.

The beach is one huge space for activities. It is a perfect place for blokart and kite-buggy, landboarding, kite- and windsurf or flying with kites,

The Wadden Sea is an exciting but also challenging water for kayaking. For the experienced kayaker it is a fascinating experience to kayak in a tidal area.

There is a well-developed network of bicycle paths on Fanoe, so it is quick and easy to get around on the small island. There are only 15 km from north to south. If you like more challenging cycling experiences, there are forest paths and marked mountain bike routes in Fanø Klitplantage.

Fanoe has one of the most challenging  golf courses in Denmark. Fanø Golf Links is also the only true link course in Denmark. And it is, bye the way, the oldest golf course in Denmark.

Of course all is not about sport. Taking a walk in the forest, look for amber, play mini golf or go for a hike to the seals at Galgerev are activities for all.

If you are disabled there are still plenty of opportunities on Fanoe. We have two electrical off-road wheel chairs; they give everyone the chance join for exampel a hike to the seal banks.


Horseback Riding

Fanoe is perfect for horseback riding. In the Fanø Klitplantage there are marked bridle paths. It is also possible to ride on the beach.

At Visit Fanø we have a map over the bridle paths.

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