Arts and culture on Fanoe

Fanoe is a place where art is admired and culture is an integral part of the island’s society. The traditional architecture was formed by the know-how that Danish sailors brought from their trips abroad.

Galleries and museum exhibitions, special activities and the many cultural events, that take place at Sønderho and Nordby every year, shape an environment with strong cultural roots. Local people have a desire to develop an outstanding cultural scene and within the last decade they have filled the year’s calendar with more and interesting artistic inputs. Fanoe can offer lots of nice and unique experiences to art lovers.

Many delightful places and get to know the history and culture aesthetics of Fanoe that covers everyone's artistic preferences. Come and experience the culture of Fanoe!




Artists on Fanoe

It is particularly artists, who have been attracted by the special atmosphere and light of Fanoe.
Contemporary artists like Johnny Madsen, Finn Hjort Skov Jensen, Margit Enggaard and Marie-Louise Exner are working and living all at Fano.

Authors and musicians are also attracted to Fano. In Sønderho there are places of artists: an author's house, a music house and a painter's house. Here artists come for a period of inspiration and make art, and some of these have subsequently chosen to settle on the island.