The Forest Playground

The forest playground is on of the most fantastic places on Fanoe. In the middle of the forest Fanø Klitplantage, there is this great playground with equipment made of wood, fantasy characters, The Sherwood Forest and a picnic area.

The forest playground is much more than a playground. It is a wonderful natural resort, where you can take walks in the woods, in the dunes and it is not far from the beach either.

Close to the playground, is the tallest "mountain" on Fanø - Pælebjerg. It is an amazing view 21 mentres above sea level.

The playground is situated in an area of natural beauty in the eastern end of Fanø Kliplantage.

A small road from the main road Nordby-Sønderho leads all the way  to the forest playground, where there are parking spaces. It is also possible to park at the parking spaces at Sønderho's old duck decoy and then walk through the beautiful nature to the playground.



All the playground equipment are made of wood from the forest. There are different games and facilities for both younger and older children.

The playground is also a sculpture park. Much of the playground equipment is made as fantasy characters, wood trolls, and others; made by artists from all over the world. At one of the paths there is a running track, where you can test if you run as fast as a snail, hare or a deer.


Close to the Forest Playground you find Pælebjerg - the highest mountain on Fanø. With the height of 21 meters it is a staggering experience to climb, but once you get to the top, you have a beautiful view of the beach and the landscape.

The small lake next to Pælebjerg is very pretty, not least when the waterlillies blossom in the summer.


All over Fanoe you see rabbits.

Early in the morning and in the evening they come out to eat and play.