Excursions with Local Guides

Fanoe is full of exciting experiences - on your own or on a tour with a local guide.

There are many, many things to do on your own. The net of cycling and hiking routes is very good making it easy to come around  the island.

However, many go on one of the  guided tours that are offered here on Fanoe. You get the good story and come to places you might not find on your own. Some also find it more safe to go with a local guide.

There are several tour organizers of hikes and tours on Fanoe. When you go til Dansk Ø Ferie you will find the tours offered and you can also buy your ticket there.

The most popular excursion is without doubt the hike to the sealbank, where hundreds of seals are lying enjoying life.

Oystersafari and a guided tour in the bunker from WWII are also very popular. But there are more exciting tours in the nature of Fanoe as well as guided city walks in both Nordby and Sønderho.


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