Fanoe for kids


There are lots of things to experience when you are staying with your family in Fanø.

Children have various options for learning, creativity or playing. Bubble ball, kite building and the forest playing ground are just some of them.

Check out all the activities below.

Fanø Forest Playground


The Fanø Forest Playground is a great place between Rindby and Sønderho, surrounded by nature. It offers lots of options for playing to the young visitors of Fanø, as well as, for family activities.

It is also a popular site for picnic with benches, BBQs and fireplaces.

The rigging loft

Workshop for kids

At Fanø Shipping and Costume Collection, a workshop has been established where a real mariner teaches children to work with a rope.

Kids make their own piece of craftsmanship. When a lifesaver is hanged on the wall of the museum, this means that the mariner is working at his workshop.

Torp plantage

Torp plantage (plantation) is also an exciting place to play. The quiet forest is located in the holiday home area between Fanø Bad and Rindby Strand. 

There are many rabbits in the plantation.