Fanø Kunstmuseum

Throughout the past 100 years and up till today Fanø has attracted a constant stream of artists, who more or less settled down on the island.

The collection of the art gallery is based on paintings by danish, german and swedish artists. With a combination of permanent and temporary exhibitions it is the aim of the gallery to show art portraying the frisian coast, past and present.

The Museum is located in Sønderho.


Opening hours
24.03 - 21.10: Tuesday - Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm
Monday closed


Exhibitions 2018

Permanent exhibition                                                                    24/3 – 21/10 

Agnete Prehn, Julie Nord og Roee Rosen                                        24/3 – 27/5              

 Helle Monies  (Artist from the collection)                                       24/3 – 12/8 

Flemming Quist Møller  (family exhibition)                                        2/6 – 26/8 

Kvindeliv                                                                                       18.8 – 21.10

(cooperation with Fanø Dagbog and the other Fanø Museums)   

September Exhibition:                                                                     1.9 – 21.10  
Exhibition with art from a private collection, a.o. Cobra –painters, Asger Jorn, Michael Kvium and Christian Lemmerz