The villages of Fanoe

The old quarters of Fanoe are charming and one of the main attractions of the island.

Nordby and Sønderho are influenced by their maritime past. The large merchant brought prosperity to the island and many beautiful houses where built during the 18th and 19th centuries. The old districts are well preserved.

Fanoe Bad and Rindby Strand are beach resorts, full of life in summer time.

Sønderho - Denmark's Most Beautiful Village

A visit to Sønderho is a must when you visit Fanoe as it has won the award of Denmark's most beautiful village. As you walk in the small streets, with the pretty old houses, you feel as being in another age of time.

Park the car at the church and spend a couple of hours walking in the small crooked streets, visit Fanø Art Museum, Hannes hus, Sønderho Mølle (Mill) and Sønderho Kirke (church).

The many old, well preserved buildings mainly stem from the 18th and 19th centuries, when Sønderho was the dominant shipping town of the Jutlandic west coast.

The harbour and shipyard area was situated in a small sheltered bay in the north-eastern end of Sønderho. The entry was, however, eventually sanded up and today the area is filled with meadows. The connection to seafaring is very characteristic in Sønderho Church - it is the danish church with the most votive ships, 15 altogether.

Nordby - Fanoe's Capital

The ferry to Fanoe goes from Esbjerg to Nordby. Being already on the ferry, you will get the first impression of the island and Nordby. A small, cosy town, characterised by the many lovely houses from the 19th century and surrounded by beautiful nature.

The closeness to nature is already felt at the harbour. From the promenade, one can sit and enjoy the many wading birds. Moreover, seals often lie at the small sandbar only 50metres from the harbour.

When comparing old photos to today's towns, you can see that many of the small streets and roads have not changed much for centuries. You cannot miss the great experience of strolling around the small crooked streets in Nordby.

Fanø Bad and Rindby Strand

are villages just next to the beach. You find summer cottages, holiday centers, shops, restaurants and plenty of life.

Fanø Bad came to life at the end of the 19th century and was the first place in Denmark to offer spas and bathing in the healhty, salty water at the beach. Rindby Strand is a child of the prosperity of the 1960's.


Fanoe's cultural center, where the old traditional dance and music are very much alive.

As well as, a colony of artists, musicians and writers.

All this creates a very unique cultural life for a village with only 350 inhabitants.

The Fanniker Days

Three days with celebrations, local music and dancing, and parades in Nordby- during the second weekend in July.


is a living town built on traditions.

It has 2.800 inhabitants and is the mercantile and administrative center of Fanoe.

In Nordby you find the Town Hall, school, medical center, tourist office, library and other public institutions.