Fanoe - also for disabled

Fanoe has some very special offers if you are disabled or wheelchair user.

If you have a mobility disability coming out and exploring the beautiful danish landscape might be problematic. Here on Fanoe we have reacted on that.

We have two eletric off-roader wheelchairs, making it possible for still more to attend the various excursions offered. It is free of charge to borrow the wheelchairs. You can borrow them for guided tours or for tours on your own.

Transport to Fanoe is easy.The two ferries Menja and Fenja have been marked by as having good accessibility. It takes 12 minuttes to sail from Esbjerg to Fanoe; so if you are in a car you do not even need to leave the car.

Fanoe is an island with two historical villages - Nordby and Sønderho. Many of the houses are very old and listed and accessibility not very good - narrow doors and stairs. Therefore there will also be some shops that are a bit difficult to come in to. But here are also many modern shops with easy access.




None of the accomodations on Fanoe have been marked However, that does not mean that there are no handicap friendly  accomodation. Some of the newer summer cottages are built so it is possible for a wheelchair to fit in. Please contact one of the rental agencies for further information. 


Off-Roader Wheelchairs

We have two electric off-roader wheelchairs of the brand Cadweazle Energy. You can borrow them for both guided tours and for tours on your own.If you want to borrow one of the wheelchairs please contact  Visitfanø, Skolevej 5-7, Nordby - phone 004570 26 42 00.

The price for renting an off-roader is DKK 100 per day.

The wheelchairs are in a shed at Sønderho. It is easy to drive them down to the beach and use them for the very popular hikes to the seal bank.

Furthermore we have a trailer you can borrow if you want to use the wheelchairs somewhere else.

Learn more about Cadweazle Energy here.