Fanø is for children

Fanø is a perfect holiday spot for families with children. We have room for children whether you stay in a summer cottage or at a campsite.


The beach

The beach is the big attraction. There are plenty of shallow water where even small children can have fun. Of course, under the supervision of the parents. The North Sea is an open sea and although the beach on Fanø is well protected by Horn's reef, you need to be aware if you move out into the sea.

The beach at the northern end of Fanø is very wide, in some places more than 1 km wide. There is plenty of room for everyone, even if the kids want to play ball, build sand castles, fly kites or other games. It is allowed to drive by car on large parts of the beach, but we do not experience any problems. Motorists drive slowly and pay attention.




Ca. 2 km south of Rindby Strand is the so-called "Buggy Beach". It is a marked area where surfing and beach-crusing is allowed. In the area there are schools that teaches riding the blokart. It only takes approx. 10 minutes to learn and children as young as 9-10 years can join. Smaller children can also join, there are 2-seat blokarts, so the smaller children can ride w9ith an adult. It's a great experience to cruise along the beach with the wind as the engine.




The seals is a  big attraction on Fanø, for both children and adults. There are hundreds of seals around Fanø. In the harbor of Nordby there is a small colony of seals. The small sand bank is flooded at high tide, so the best chance to see them is when the water level is falling.

Southwest of Sønderho is the large seal bank. Here there are hundreds of seals, most during summer. From here you can get on a seal safari with a guide. The seals are the big attraction of the trip, but being able to go 1.5 km out into the North Sea on the dry seabed is in itself a fantastic experience. The guides tell about the nature and do activities with the children.



Cycling on Fanø

The best way to experience Fanø is by bicycle. The distances on Fanø are short and there are bike paths on most stretches. You can safely take the kids on a bike ride to the beach or to forrest. Many also bike on the beach itself. The part of the beach, which is farthest from the sea, is firm and hard and just as good to cycle as a bike path. You can cycle all the way from the cottage areas at the northern end of the island to Sønderho to the south.


The Forest Playground


Rabbits and Deer

Early in the morning and at sunset can experience both rabbits and deer very close. From the window of the cottage you can see the animals playing and looking for food. There are many thousands of rabbits on Fanø and you can see rabbit holes everywhere in dunes and cottage areas.


The Big Five

The Big Five is a treasure hunt for the whole family. On the treasure hunt you have to climb the highest "mountains" on Fanø and find a post hidden close to the mountain. The route is made as a Geocaching route and is located on the website If you are not a geocacher, it is also okay if you take a photo of yourself and your family at the top of the mountain.

Once found and climbed, Fanø Tourist Office has a prize for all "Fanø mountaineers".

Of course, these are not real mountains, but dunes and the highest peak is 21 m, so everyone can join.



Club Fanø 

Club Fanø is an activity center for both children and adults. Here there are different activities and workshops: children fromo the age of 3-4 can build their own kite, do a lot of different things in the creative workshop and make their own candles. Club Fanø also does a number of outdoor activities at various locations on Fanø: Seals safari in Sønderho, Blokart School on the beach south of Rindby, Bubble Football and several other activities.

Rødgaard Inndoor Playground

 At Rødgaard Camping we have a big 150 m2 indoor playarea, filled with fun and games for the youngest. Let the children explore the 3 storyes softplay area, with lots of tunnels, paths and slides. A fun experience for all children below the age of 12. For Rødgaard Campings guests, the play area is for free. Guests, who are not living on the camp site, can purchase access for an ekstra fee. 

 Playground, minigolf og football golf

In addition to the forest playground, there are playgrounds at several of the campsites in Rindby beach. It is also here that 2 of the 3 mini golf courses on Fanø. The mini golf courses are very different and there are many hours of fun waiting. This also applies to the football golf course, which is also close to the campsites in Rindby Strand.


The Seaman's Workshop

Fanø is an Island perfect for children.