Kayaking in The Wadden Sea

Kayaking in The Wadden Sea is for you who are looking for new challenges. When the sun is shining the water is and you cannot see where the sea ends and the sky begins - this makes it hard to imagine that The Wadden Sea is one of the most challenging waters in Denmark to row in.  

There are many days of calm weather where the biggest challenge is to get the tide table read correctly, so you are sure to have the current with you and enough water under your keel. 


On quite days, it is like a healing experience to row in The Wadden Sea. The tide does the hard work. If your timing is correct, it feels like rowing downstream in a river - in the sea, it is a special feeling! Of course, you can do it the opposite way, rowing against the current both in and out for the sake of training. 

It rarely happens that you do not spot a seal on your trip but this is very seldom! The Wadden Sea is a nature reserve, Denmark's largest, and here it abounds with life; plenty of seals almost everywhere. If you are interested in birds, the Wadden Sea is like the land of Cockaigne.


It must be said that The Wadden Sea is not for beginners. There are areas that are safe enough but if you are not insecure it is better not to. You can also contact some of the local clubs in the are for further information. The suggested routes on this page are primarily all on the EPP2 level or higher. 

The water in the area varies a lot! This fact along with the wind determines and shapes the area. The tide changes the landscape in the most surprising way! None of your kayaking trips will ever be alike.