Fanø - Island of the Kites


If you come to Fanø in mid-June, you will experience something extraordinary. On the large beach on the west side, the kites have taken the beach. Many thousands of kites fill the sky with spectacular views. There are kites in the sky, on earth, everywhere you look, there are kites. From giant animals to small ladybugs jumping on the ground.

Fanø is the kite flyers’ El Dorado. The wide beach and stable wind conditions make Fanø one of the best places in the world for flying kites.

Kite flying is for everyone. There are several shops that sell ready-made kites for both beginners and advanced users. If you feel like building your own kite, Club Fanø arranges kite-building workshops for children all year round.

Kite flying is also a sport. Most of the summer season from April to October, kite flyers come to Fanø to set up their kites. These come in all shapes and sizes, from small traditional handheld kites to huge kites that are fixed to the ground. 



Fanø International Kite Fliers Meeting 

Every year in June, about 5,000 kite enthusiasts from all over the world gather on Fanø. Many of the participants design and build their own kites, often shaped as people, cartoon characters, animals and, of course, kites. The old tradition of decorating the kites can also be experienced on Fanø. There are no competitions or shows, as the event is merely a gathering, but the kite flyers will gladly tell the audience about their kites.



For the new kite flier

You can start by judging the size of the kite compared to the strength of the wind. You can do this before you start flying it by holding the kite up by hand; you can then feel how much the wind pulls the kite.

Connect the kite with the flying line and then, against the wind direction, roll out approximately 40 metres of the line. Get a good hold on the handle and then ask mom or dad to hold the kite up against the wind before letting it go. The kite should not be thrown into the air but rather catch the wind by itself and then rise up. Now you should be able to enjoy the amazing view of your kite against the sky. If the kite starts falling, you should be able to solve this by pulling slightly on the flying line or alternatively by walking a few steps against the wind direction.

You can use and reuse your kite many times if you make sure to roll up the flying line well and wrap the kite up. Perhaps you can put a piece of tape on the handle of the flying line so that it does not accidentally roll out.