The beach is the biggest playground on Fanø. There is room for all kind of activities. Of course, swimming is of the things that is really attractive at the beach. The best place for swimming is the part from Fanø Bad to Rindby Strand.

The Wadden Sea National Park

The National Park stretches from Blåvandshuk in the north to Tøndermarsken in the south. It is a unique natural area that includes the Wadden Sea, the islands of Fanø, Mandø and Rømø, and the low land areas and dikes along the mainland coast.

Experience them up close in their natural surroundings, at the great seal bank southwest of Sønderho. It takes less than half an hour to walk to the seal bank at low tide, however, you can also be lucky enough to see them already in the harbour in Nordby.

Fanø is the island of bicycles. Bring your own or rent one at one of the professional bike rental shops. From Nordby to Sønderho there is only 12km. You will find cycle paths connecting all towns and holiday areas. Moreover, the beach is perfect for riding your bike.

The Big Five

Most people think there are no high mountains on Fanø. Actually they are right, but none the less the view from the "mountains" on Fanø is breathtaking. We have made a route, that takes you to the "Big Five", Kikkebjerg, Pælebjerg, Klingebjerg, Annedalsbjerg og Mosedalsbjerg...

Each of the the Wadden Sea's different habitats for animals and plants has its own very special importance for breeding and migrating birds.

For more than 50 water-bird species, the Wadden Sea is of vital importance. It is estimated that more than 10 million birds pass the Wadden Sea during migration.

The sea washes up many exciting things at the beach on Fanø. Between seaweed and shells, you will find the gold of the ocean - amber. Ready to be picked up and brought home with you. 

100 Nature Experiences

Nature Ranger Marco Brodde has collected 100 of the most exciting nature experiences. The price of the book is only 65,- DKK and can be bought at Fanø Turistbureau, Skolevej 5-7, Nordby, Fanø