Birds on Fanø

Fanø is a wonderland for those who are interested in bird watching. This is foremost due to the migratory birds which can be observed during the spring and fall seasons, but the whole year through there are a broad range of shorebirds living on Fanø. Among the birds that are typically seen on the island can be mentioned dunlins, bar-tailed godwits, oystercatchers, common redshank, nightjars, black-tailed godwits and the kentish plover.

On the heath found by Albuebugt on the island, one can observe bird species such as hen harrier, rough-legged buzzard, merlin, golden plover, short-eared owl and great grey shrike.



The generous pantry of the Wadden Sea makes it one of the world's most crucial areas for birds. Every year, 10-12 million migratory birds pass through the Wadden Sea either on their way to or from their breeding grounds in northern Scandinavia, Siberia or Greenland. However, keep in mind that the large flocks of birds on the mudflats and the beach need peace and quiet to search for food and rest. Keeping a distance to the flock will give the birds the best possible conditions to get to or from their breeding grounds or overwinter habitats, which are often located thousands of kilometres away. The best place to observe the migratory birds are by Hønen just south of Sønderho. At high tide the birds gather east of Sønderho where people are not allowed to walk out; therefore it is recommended to bring binoculars.



Duck decoy

A duck decoy is a large, devised trap which consists of a small, man-made lake with side canals covered with nets, which were previously used to capture wild ducks. Originally there were six duck decoys on Fanø, but in 1931 it was forbidden to capture wild ducks using this method. Two of the duck decoys have been renovated and are open to the public. These places are quiet, peaceful and are located in beautiful surroundings. They are great places to go and visit.

Albue Duck Decoy is a functioning workshop which can be visited at certain days from June to August. 

Sønderho Old Duck Decoy is open to the public every day. Remember to close the gate after yourself and enjoy the free entrance.




White-tailed eagles

The white-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey that can be observed in Denmark. In recent years it has also been possible to spot 9 white-tailed eagles on Fanø during the winter season. At the end of the day one might be lucky to see them sitting in Fanø Klitplantage (the dune heath) as they arrive at their chosen overnight spots. Or perhaps one can catch a glimpse of them by the beach during the day as they hunt their prey or scavenge for food. It is a majestic sight to experience the large bird as it soars across the sky with a wingspan of 200-240 cm. Due to its large size and its square wings, the white-tailed eagle is sometimes referred to as "The Flying Door".


Sønderho coastal lake

Located on the beach a little ways north of the road down to the beach from Sønderho, lies Sønderho coastal lake. This man-made coastal lake provides a chance to experience nature up close. A camouflaged observation room has been established in the dunes for the use of visitors. Cars and bikes can be parked on the beach, from which about 200 meters of marked path leads to the observation room and the coastal lake. Information about the history of the area as well as the specfic nature found in and around the lake is available through information boards in the observation room.