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Visit Fanø Booking makes it even easier. You get a quick overview of various possibilities, and then make your own package. Visit Fanø booking is a co-operation between Visit Fanø, Nordic Travel and Dansk Ø Ferie. Nordic Travel is the operator and member of the Danish travel Guarantee Fund.

Not all acommodation sites are listed on Visit Fanø Booking. The Holiday House Rental companies  have normally their own online booking systems. Regarding private accommodation, you should normally contact them directly. Read more under Accommodation.


Activities and Excursions

Fanø is famous for a wide activity program. Make sure there is availability for the activities you would like to do. Book directly on VisitFanø booking.


Hotels and Campsites

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Holiday in cabins are the best of two worlds. You get all the facilities and activities of the campsite and at the same time accommodations in a real building. 

Travel info

Fanø Ferry Line

It is easy to get to Fanø. By car you arrive diectly with A45 to the harbour in Esbjerg and the ferry to Fanø. It is a short 12 minute ferry trip and there 2 ferrriies with departure every 20 minute, so except for the weekends in july and august you will normally get on the first departure after arrival.

Public transport in Esbjerg and on Fanø

If you arrive to Esbjerg by train or bus, citybus no. 11, 12 and 13 goes directly from the Railway station to the ferry. On Fanø there is a busservice between Nordby, Fanø Bad, Rindby Strand and Sønderho.

Advice for our guests

Police on Fanø

Contact the local police at the Town Hall, Skolevej 5-7 i Nordby.

Health Care

Fanø has a modern Health Center that takes care of illness during holiday. If you need to get to the Hospital in Esbjerg, there is an ambulance on Fanø and in case of urgency all normal ferry service will be cancelled to get the ambulance to Esbjerg as fast as possible.

Camping regulations

Camping on Fanø is not allowed outside the parking lots. Campers, mobilehomes and other vehicles with sleeping facilities must not be park on streets and roads, parking lots, picnic areas and the beach from 21.00 - 07.00.

Seals on the beach

You will often meet seals lying on the beach. so it is important to know what to do if you encounter a sick seal or sealpuppet.

Feeding of animals

Rabbits and deer often get very near the summer cottage and it is tempting to feed them. Read more about this is not a good idea.

Dogs on Fanø

Dogs and dogowners are weillcome on Fanø. We have 2 dog woods, where dogs can run free. read Read more about rules for dogs on Fanø.

Sick and injured animals

contact: Fanø Veterinarian Clinic, Hovedgaden 126, Nordby. Consultation only by appointment. Please call +45 2924 7663 or e-mail to: Questions regarding wildlife the forest administration+45 72 54 36 48 or the Police + 45 114. Runaway cats report to the Vetenarian clinic, dogs to the Police.


During summer we have a large amount of guests. Check here where there is parking.