Beach Sports

Beach Sports

The beach itself is a large activity area. There are optimal conditions for beach sailing with blokart and kite buggy, land boarding, kite and windsurfing or kite flying.

Beach sailing and Surfing
Speed along the beach in a beach cruiser or on a surfboard on the water. That's life!

Fanø has one of Europe's best beaches for beach sailing. There is a marked area about 3 km south of Rindby for this type of activity.

There are many different types of beach sailors. A beach sailer is a small three-wheeled, open cart. Some types are mounted with sails, others are pulled by a hand-held kite. Some require great expertise, others you can learn to drive in 10 minutes.

Blokart is the most used type for rental. It is easy to drive and therefore also suitable for beginners. It is also available with a sidecar, so that even smaller children can experience the rush. It is a sport for everyone, from 8-10 years old to 88 years old. There are classes and rental of Blokart throughout the summer. 

Kite Buggy
Kite-Buggy is the other popular type. It is pulled by a hand-held kite and requires greater expertise. Fanø is the haunt of a large number of the best Kite-buggy drivers, and both training camps and competitions in Kite-buggy are also held.

Landboard is almost comparable to a skateboard, but with larger off-road wheels. It is pulled, similar to a kite buggy, by a hand-held kite, which is also attached to the person with a belt. This means that it is possible to perform acrobatic jumps with a landboard.

One-wheelers are a type of skateboard with one large wheel in the middle of the board. A one-wheeler is battery powered and can therefore be used everywhere, on the beach, in the forest and in the cities.

Surf on Fanø

Fanø is a surfing area with plenty of space, and conditions that can satisfy most people.

It is a really good place to learn to surf in waves, both for the beginner in wave surfing and the more experienced who needs to perfect his style and tricks in the waves.

The sea at Fanø is easily accessible and user-friendly. It means a lot that you can drive all the way down to the water, and not have to drag the equipment for several 100 meters, as you have to in many other places.

There are surprisingly good conditions, both for the beginner in wave sailing and for the more experienced sailor.

One of the great advantages of Fanø is that there is something here for the whole family, even for those who don't surf. There are children's activities, cultural experiences; everyone can have a good experience.