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Food experiences at Fanø are fresh, local ingredients.

World heritage obliges. This also applies to our food. At Fanø, we focus on quality and the use of local raw materials.

Fanø has a unique nature and is surrounded by the sea. This gives us some special opportunities to create culinary experiences.

Fish from the North Sea is an essential part of the menu at many restaurants. The restaurants are very good at using these local ingredients in their kitchens. We have several restaurants that have actually already reached the gourmet level.

A mouthful of
the tastiest from Fanø

Muslinger Tellustilrettet

Sønderho Kro

Throughout Sønderho's history, sailors and other travelers have come to Sønderho Kro. Exotic languages have been spoken here, Sønderhoning music has been danced, played and sung for 300 years.

Sønderho Kro

Kellers spisehus

In the Spisehuset, guests are served a lovely morning meal. Later, you can enjoy a good lunch and a lovely dinner - or perhaps a cup of coffee/something cold to drink, in the fireplace room or on the large, cozy covered terrace.

Kellers Spisehus
200302 Fajancen0023

Cafe Fajancen

Welcome to Fajancen, Sønderho, Fanø – and welcome to Denmark's most beautiful village! We are located in the southern part of the island, surrounded by the Wadden Sea, which has been designated by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site.

We make Danish/French bistro food with good ingredients, we strive to use local ingredients or Danish products


Axel´s Kitchen

Italian pizza restaurant

Axel´s Kitchen
Pizza Re 1 1600X1000

Cafe Aroma

Italian cuisine and own organic microbrewery

Cafe Aroma

Nanas Stue

Nana's living room has existed since the late 80s, it has been a place where all the locals came and supported, the place where you danced Sønderhoning, drank coffee punch and where you sat and chatted, it's a name that brings back many good memories

Cafe Nanas Stue

Burger Boys

We add more flavor to your everyday life and therefore offer excellent food and drink at a reasonable price - and to be able to do that, we have to give up a little in other areas

Burger Boys
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Seaside Food
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