China to Fanoe

China to Fanoe

2023 has China all over on Fanø from June 11 to 16th. Exhibition of Chinese art from the National Museum. Galla shows with Chinese artists. 25 kitemasters build and fly kites on the beach .

All sails will be set when Fanø can present different aspects of Chinese culture on Fanø from the beginning of June.

Fanø is a mythical place for kite enthusiasts and the Kite Fliers Meeting is known as the biggest meeting for kite builders in the world. China is the birthplace of kite flying and what is more natural than bringing the 2 together.

Therefore, from 11 to 16 June 2023, Fanø will be visited by 25 of the most prominent kite builders. Kite building is a highly respected craft in China, so it will be a very special experience to see so many gathered on the beach at Fanø to fly their kites.

One of the many highlights will be flying with eagle kites. Flying can take place both indoors and outdoors. It's world-class acrobatics

The British kite builder and collector Malcolm Goodmann brings part of his large collection of Chinese kites to Fanø during the same period, where they are exhibited in Fanø Hallen.

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In collaboration with the Chinese Cultural Institute in Copenhagen & Zhejiang Song Dance Theatre, we proudly present at Fanø a fantastic show with

Zhejiang Song & Dance Troupe
Butterfly Girls Band
Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe

Sunday 11 June 2023 at 14.00 in Fanø Hallen, Nordby, Fanø
Sunday 11 June 2023 at 20.00 in Fanø Hallen, Nordby Fanø

The troupe comes to Fanø from China just for this performance and consists of musicians, dancers and acrobats.




The 2 museums Fanø Art Museum and Fanø Museum are also part of Fanø to China.

Fanø Art Museum exhibits 22 works of art from Denmark's National Museum in the period 3 June to 22 October. Several of these works of art have never been exhibited before and have been restored in connection with this exhibition.

In connection with the exhibition, museum inspector Benjamin Asmussen from the Maritime Museum in Helsingør has published a book about the works of art and the significance of the China trade for Danish shipping. In this connection, Benjamin Asmussen will give a lecture on June 4 at the parish church in Nordby on his new book.

Sailors from Fanø also took part in the trade with China, and at the Fanø Museum there is an exhibition of a number of the effects and souvenirs that sailors from Fanø brought home from China.