Fanø - the Island of Kites

Kite flying

Fanø is internationally known as the place where kites are flown. In June 2023 we will show Chinese dragons. There are kites in the air from May to October.

If you come to Fanø in mid-June, you will experience something quite extraordinary. On the large beach on the west side, the kites have taken over the beach. Many thousands of kites fill the sky in a spectacular sight. There are kites in the sky, on earth, everywhere you look there are kites. From huge animals to small ladybugs that jump on the ground.

Fanø International Kite Fliers Meeting

Fanø International Kite Fliers Meeting is the largest kite meeting in the world. It is not a festival in the normal sense. It is a meeting place for hang gliders from all over the world who meet and have fun on the beach. The rest of us are welcome to come and watch, talk to the kite flyers and enjoy both the weather and the colorful kites. There is no entrance

Most of us have tried flying kites as children, either a homemade kite or a store bought kite. However, we have often been disappointed, the kite was of poor quality and could not fly. However, it doesn't have to be difficult. if you go into a real kite shop, you can buy a kite that is both durable and easy to fly at an affordable price. Once you have tried to experience a kite high in the air, you are very easily captivated by kite flying.

On Fanø it is also possible to build your own kite. It's a very simple kite, but it flies well. It is an even greater experience to fly with something that you have made yourself. Even very young children can join in, it's primarily about decorating the kite. The adults help with the building of the kite itself.