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World-class beach, nature and culture.

15 km. beach, seals, dunes, nature playground, the cozy villages of Nordby and Sønderho, art museum and galleries, maritime history, gourmet experiences.


Fanø offers many exciting experiences throughout the year.

Beautiful Fanø in pictures

There are almost no limits to beautiful motifs on Fanø. Here is a small selection of the things you can see and experience here on Fanø.

Fanø offers experiences all year round

Shang Tengyun 2

China to Fanoe

2023 has China all over on Fanø from June 11 to 16th. Exhibition of Chinese art from the National Museum. Galla shows with Chinese artists. 25 kitemasters build and fly kites on the beach .


There are seals in the sea at Fanø all year round. They lie and sunbathe on the sandbanks or play in the water. It is one of the things that you must experience on your Fanø holiday.

Sæl 3


The sea washes up many exciting things on the beach at Fanø. Between seaweed and shells you find the sea's gold - amber. Ready to pick up and take home.


The maritime history is visible everywhere. The old fishermen's houses, the street names, and the 2 museums, Skibsfart & Dragtsamlingen and Fanø Museum. Nordby is the center of many cultural activities on Fanø.

nordby 4 ©Flyingoctober