World Class Beaches and Nature 

Fanø Beach - The Main Attraction

The 25 km long and in places more than 1 km wide and sandy beach leaves room for everybody. Search for Amber, ride Blokart, surf, swimm or enjoy the birdlife. You can do it all on Fanø.

A Paradise for Seals

The Sea surrounding Fanø is home to a large population of Seals. We have both Harbour Seals and Grey Seals. On the huge sandbank southwest of Sønderho, up to 500 seals gather here in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Experience the Seals on one of the guided tours.

World Class Bird Watching

The Wadden Sea is the largest tidal area in Europe and an important resting and feeding spot for migrating birds.

Wadden Sea National Park

Fanø is part of the National Park that has been listed on the UNESCO World  Heritage list. 


Become treasure hunter on Fanø, go seaching for Amber on the Beach. It is washed ashore after periods with stormy weather.

Adventures on Fanø

A Paradise for Kitefliers

Fanø is one of the most popular places in the world for kiteflying. During summer many people come to Fanø to fly kites. Build your own kite and feel the power of the wind.

Beach Cruising

The huge wide beach is perfect for for beach cruising. One of the great adventures on Fanø is cruising along the beach in a Blokart, a saildriven and 3 wheeled vehicle.

Fanø by Bike

Fanø is a small Island, and it is easy to get around on bike. At The Tourist Office you can get maps with 5 different biking routes.

Visitfanø Booking

Check the many excursions and activities that you can buy on our online booking.

Excercise and fresh Air

A hike on the beach, on the old dune landscapes or in the forest, climb the 5 "mouantains" or just enjoy the fresh and salty air from the top of a dune.

Culture, Shopping and Regional Food.


Walk through the tiny village with the well preserved houses from the 18th and 19th century. The beautiful village is a cultural hotspot with museums, galleries, crafts and restaurants.


The maritime history is visible everywhere in Nordby. The old Captain village, the street names, the Maritime Schools and two museums dedicated to that era. Nordby is also the center of many cultural activities. 


Fanø and particularly Sønderho has for many years attracted artists. Some for a short period, others have settled on Fanø. See the art at Fanø Art Museum and the galleries.


Shops of all kinds, art, craftsmen and local food producers. Shopping on Fanø is well worth trying.


Fanø is one of the hotsports for Danisch cusine on the westcoast. Good restaurants with focus on locally produced food.

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