The Mountains of Fanø

The Mountains of Fanø

Mountain climbing on Fanø? It sounds like a joke and it really is. But we have created a route that we call "The Big 5".

The mountains on Fanø are in reality dunes which have been created by sand and wind through hundreds of years. The oldest dunes on Fanø, ie. Annesdals Bjerg and Klingebjerg, are on the east coast whereto they wandered during the Small Ice Age in the 1500’s and the 1600’s. The farther towards west we go, the younger the dunes are. On the beach between Fanø Bad and Rindby Strand, you can see a new generation of dunes being created.


The mountain west of Nordby, where the people from Nordby could look out for homecoming ships entering the strait of Grådyb.


The mountain on the eastcoast of Fanø with a wonderful view of Nordby and the town of Esbjerg on the mainland


The mountain of the middle of the forest on Fanø (Fanø Klitplantage), close to Albue Duck Decoy and some exciting hiking trails.


The highest mountain on Fanø with a fanstic view of the beach and the Sea.


The mountain on the southern tip of the island, overlooking both the beach, the seal bank and the village of Sønderho.